1 thought on “オイカワ3

  1. Mr. Terry Jenkins

    The rocks are interesting themselves ( abstract shapes , textures and colors ) , but , the Pale Chub is a new one for me ; enjoyed seeing the markings and color combinations . The dorsal fin had me thinking for a while , the shape was in my mind but I couldn’t place it , “sailboat centerboards ” !! , on the bottom , half and full down. …….. About the Chubs markings ; there is an artist in London by the name of Emmylou Artist that incorporates a pattern in her seascapes much like the Pale Chubs flanks . …….On the technical side : I am wondering why you used 30 bar of air, more, on your first dive , than on your second dive ( same depth same temperature ) ? Does excitement about a dive relate to oxygen consumption or just moving around more ? …… Your crab photo brings to mind the ” Ghost Crab ” , p.14 , “The Edge Of The Sea ” by Carson . Thanks for sharing your photos . ( T . J . 9-13-15 )



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