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June 2013: Yoronto, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Sunday June 16th and Monday June 17th 2013 The last island in the Amami Island chain south of Japan is filled with traditional villages, sugar cane farms and a sandy beach known as the stardust beach due to deposits of … Continue reading

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June 2013: Freshwater and Altitude Diving, Lake Motosuko, Yamanashi, Japan

Saturday June 1st 2013   Lake Motosuko at the foot of Mt Fuji is a great introduction to freshwater and altitude diving. ¬†Freshwater, or rather lakes, rivers and streams, offer some huge advantages such as excellent visibility and a range … Continue reading

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May 2013: Sydney, Australia

Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th 2013 Sydney is often overlooked as a dive destination because of the popular Great Barrier Reef but it’s a hidden treasure trove of sites and marine life ranging from the spectacular to the … Continue reading

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