March 2011: Marine Biology online

This week I enrolled on a marine biology distance learning course with a college in England.  Although it’s a bit daunting having to knuckle down for the next year studying an unfamiliar subject, it’ll be exciting to see what kind of challenges this is going to bring.  I have one year to complete 10 modules, with an online assessment at the end.  During the year I need to answer questions at the end of each module and submit my answers to a tutor.  The course is not as demanding as a degree, no big essays, field trips or practical work, but hopefully the certificate I get upon completion will be useful if I ever decide to pursue marine biology further.  As I nervously look through my new folder containing 280 sheets of paper, I keep reminding myself how much I enjoy diving and discovering different fish.  And that’s bound to help me along the way.

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