March 2011: Marine Biology online

This week I enrolled on a marine biology distance learning course with a college in England.  Although it’s a bit daunting having to knuckle down for the next year studying an unfamiliar subject, it’ll be exciting to see what kind of challenges this is going to bring.  I have one year to complete 10 modules, with an online assessment at the end.  During the year I need to answer questions at the end of each module and submit my answers to a tutor.  The course is not as demanding as a degree, no big essays, field trips or practical work, but hopefully the certificate I get upon completion will be useful if I ever decide to pursue marine biology further.  As I nervously look through my new folder containing 280 sheets of paper, I keep reminding myself how much I enjoy diving and discovering different fish.  And that’s bound to help me along the way.

About Rising Bubbles

Based in Bristol, UK, I am a freelance writer and consultant working on Japan’s aquaculture and fisheries development. My work focuses on issues related to sustainability, research, gender, technological advancements, adaptation and resilience. I have a keen interest in the recovery of aquaculture in the Tohoku region, following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11th, 2011, and provide news stories, features and reports from Japan for national and international seafood and fisheries media. While living in Tokyo between 2006 and 2017, I worked as a freelance writer on Japan’s aquaculture and marine-related subjects, in particular scuba diving. My blog began in 2011 as a comprehensive guide to diving in Japan. I have enjoyed exploring Japan’s waters extensively and became a certified Dive Master in August 2015. I hold an MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture from the University of St Andrews, and a BA in Japanese and French from the University of Cardiff, UK.
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1 Response to March 2011: Marine Biology online

  1. Lana says:

    Well done Sis! I really admire you for enrolling in the course! you’re an inspiration!


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